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ACARAMIK 1.8 EC is an insecticide and acaricide with Abamectin for agricultural use that acts by contact and ingestion in the control of mites, miners and suckers.

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BINDER 10 EC is a non-systemic insecticide that acts by contact, ingestion and inhalation with active ingredient Bifenthrin, which stays in the waxy layer of the surface of the plant leaves and is absorbed through the insect's cuticle.

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JACKPOT 5 EC is an insecticide with Lambda-cyhalothrin that acts by contact and ingestion with residual activity that disrupts the normal functioning of the nervous system of insects.

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LASH 90 SP is an ovicide, larvicide and adulticide for use on many Lepidopterous pests that works rapidly by contact and translaminar action, featuring Methomyl.

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MEDUSA 48 SC is an herbicide for agricultural use for the pre- and post-emergence control of grass and broadleaf weeds featuring Metribuzin.

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RODAZIM 50 SC is a systemic preventive and curative fungicide with a wide spectrum featuring active ingredient Carbendazim.

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ROSULFURON 60 WG is a Sulfonylurea herbicide with Metsulfuron-Methyl effective at low doses in the post-emergence control of grasses and broadleaf weeds in rice cultivation.

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SYDBAR 32.8 SC is an insecticide-acaricide that acts by ingestion and contact with systemic/translaminar effect, featuring Imidacloprid and Abamectin.

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TANTOR® 25 SC is a broad-spectrum systemic fungicide with protective and curative action on a wide range of phytopathogenic fungi, featuring Tebuconazole and Carbendazim.

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XSTRATA GOLD 24 SC is a dual active fungicide with Azoxystrobin and Tebuconazole for the control of pathogens in various crops with excellent control of advanced stages of infection and sporulation.

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